Our Philosophy

While the constant pursuit toward the advancement of medicine has created nothing short of miracles, in surgeries, in pharmaceuticals, in fighting disease, and increasing recovery, it is hard not to look at the statistics.

America outspends the world in healthcare expenses. In fact, compared to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of all the countries of the world, or what a country makes in a year, our healthcare cost would be equal to the 5th largest country’s income.

2016 GDP  
America $18.56 Trillion
China $11.39 Trillion
Japan $4.73 Trillion
Germany $3.49 Trillion
American Healthcare Expense $3.2 Trillion

It would seem in such a case that America would be the healthiest, country, practically glowing from being in such good shape. HOWEVER, that is not the case. Actually...

America is:
31st in Life Expectancy*
33rd in Overall Health
Number 1 in Obesity and Diabetes

We are a sick nation and throwing money at the problem is proving to not be the right solution.

Our vision to correct the path of healthcare in America to redefine the approach to healthcare by getting people into the correct phase of care and:
  • Reducing the unnecessary use of prescribed drugs and surgeries

  • Making proactive care as high a priority as reactive care

  • Placing an emphasis on removing the root cause of a problem rather than just treating its symptoms.

*World Health Organization 2015

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