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4 Ways the Quality of Your X-ray Improves Quality of Care

4 Ways the Quality of Your X-ray Improves Quality of Care

Chiropractic Friendswood TX Spine X-Ray

Imaging is a very important tool for many medical professionals in Friendswood, including Chiropractors. The term “imaging” refers to the use of a CT scan (computerized tomography), MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), or X-ray machine to see the structures inside the body that cannot otherwise be seen.

What are X-Rays?

An x-ray is a device that uses a form of radiation (x-radiation) which is an electromagnetic wave that passes through the body. When these electromagnetic waves pass through the body, it is absorbed by different tissues, depending on the type of x-ray. In the case of a standard x-ray that you may receive for a broken bone, the bones absorb these waves, which makes the bones visible.

Other imaging tools such as a CT scan also uses a combination of x-rays, processed by a computer, to create digital cross-sections of the body. Where a standard x-ray usually only shows bones or other calcifications, a CT scan can also see other soft tissues like tendon and ligaments. Whereas, an MRI uses strong magnetic and radio waves to see other structures, including soft tissue, in the body.

Does a Chiropractor Have to take X-rays?

The answer to this question is: not always. In some cases, an x-ray is not needed. The Chiropractor will perform a physical examination and based upon certain factors such as:

  • Age
  • Health History
  • Positive/Negative Orthopedic Testing
  • If injured, how the injury occurred

Because everyone is different, the necessity to take an x-ray can vary greatly.

At Forever Well Chiropractic, we are consistently in the pursuit of upgrading our equipment to provide the highest quality of care, and in this case, best quality imaging. We have recently upgraded our X-ray imaging to a digital x-ray system. Offering higher quality, clearer imaging is important for diagnosing many dysfunctions involving the spine and skeleton and with this new technology; it makes that process faster, clearer, and better for you – the Patient – to understand.

What are the Benefits?

There are many benefits associated with using a digital x-ray machine. Let’s examine these benefits:

  • Patient Safety - Firstly, and most important benefit, is patient safety. Digital x-ray systems require less radiation for each image. That means, less radiation is absorbed by the patient – up to 70% less.
  • Clarity - In addition to patient safety, digital x-ray systems also offer the best clarity of image. This can mean the difference between the best report of findings or determination of the cause of symptoms and “guesses” based upon low quality, over exposed or under exposed images that can potentially result in further testing.
  • Report of Findings - The Report of Findings is a very important part in patient care. During this phase of treatment, the Chiropractor has the opportunity to educate each patient on what they have, how they have it and why! With this technology, the Chiropractor is equipped to inform the patient about their condition in a way the patient can understand. We believe that a well-educated patent is better equipped to perform the best wellness practices.
  • Quality of Care – Due to lower Patient exposure, clarity of image that can be offered by today’s technology, and better understanding of the patient’s condition, the Chiropractor can be better equipped to put each person on the road to wellness.

Patient Safety and Quality of Care are of the highest importance. If you are currently suffering from persistent pain, chronic medical conditions, or would like to come in for a wellness visit, Forever Well is equipped with the best technology available to provide a safer way to achieving your goals.

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