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Therapies We Offer In Friendswood


Forever Well Chiropractic Whole Body Wellness Center offers a variety of therapeutic services in Friendswood. Learn more about how each one can help below and contact us if you have any questions!


Uses adhesive pads called "electrodes", that deliver low controlled current to the target treatment area. The major benefits of using EMS are that it decreases muscle spasms and stimulates the release of the bodies’ natural painkillers called endorphins, this fools the body into temporarily thinking that there isn’t any pain. Therefore, it is a wonderful tool for taking the edge off pain and allowing for the underlying cause of the pain to be assessed and treated. After all, pain is not a condition, it’s merely a symptom of an underlying condition that has gone untreated.


This therapy in Friendswood is all about increasing motion. Everything in the human body needs nutrition. Joints are no different, except that they get their nutrition through movement. Intersegmental Traction uses a series of rollers to move up and down the back to provide motion to the individual segments of the spine. This motion decreases pain, increases range of motion, and promotes proper nutrition of the joints that make up the spinal column.


Is applied using moist hot packs. The moist heat allows for deeper penetration into the target tissue, compared to dry heat from a heating pad. This allows for more effective and efficient heating of the target area. Thermotherapy increases blood flow and circulation, while also decreasing muscle spasm and pain. Through heating the target area, we can also increase the "stretchability" of the target tissue.


Is applied using cold gel packs. Generally, it is used for acute or recent injuries in hopes of preventing major swelling or to decease pain. Cryotherapy is very good at decreasing/preventing inflammation due to its ability to decrease blood flow to the desired area. Preventing inflammation is key in injury recovery because it means that, use of the injured structure can resume sooner without much loss of functional range of motion.


Is a process in which pressure is applied to specific structures using hands and most often, the thumbs. This therapy has many benefits to offer, it decreases fibrous adhesions that can occur within muscles that have not been used, are weak, or have been damaged by injury. A main component within muscles is collagen (think of it as stretchy duct tape), this collagen when properly aligned allows your muscles to stretch and shorten without injury. When injury occurs, the body heals it quickly with an improperly aligned basic type of collagen (think of it as scotch tape), then with time replaces it with the correct type of collagen. Myofascial release promotes the proper alignment of collagen. It also increases blood flow to the desired area and increases the range of motion of the target tissue.


Is very similar to myofascial release, however it has one distinguishing factor, it uses surgical grade steel instruments. These instruments allow for a more aggressive tool to be used compared to the practitioner’s hands. This provides a great benefit when attempting to decrease adhesions. From skin down to muscle, there are three layers; skin which is the top layer, the fascia that is between the skin and muscle (think of the slippery layer of tissue that is usually present on raw chicken legs), and finally the muscle. Fascia holds the muscle together and provides a smooth surface to glide between the skin and fascia as well as between the muscle and fascia. However, occasionally with injury or disuse, the fascia may develop adhesion which do not allow it to glide easily under the skin or on top of the muscle. This can sometimes lead to pain, but more often leads to deceased range of motion. IASTM decreases these adhesions, promotes proper collagen formation and alignment as well as stimulating the body to heal the target tissue.


Dynamic tape is like a small bungie cord that can be applied to most areas of the body to decrease stress on the desired structure and/or assist with over-use injuries. Muscles or joints that are overused can wear down at an accelerated rate, especially if not properly aligned. Dynamic Tape assists by decreasing tension on particular structures or promoting efficient use without the muscle having to work as hard, which is great for allowing sprain/strains to heal and allowing you to engage in your everyday activities with added support and less strain.

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