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How To Choose A Chiropractor



How do you choose?

Let us ask you a question...

Would you get heart surgery today, in 2019, the way it was performed back in 1950?

We think, the majority of people would answer, ‘No’, because technology and techniques have advanced light years since that time.

The same rings true for chiropractic care. Chiropractic has progressed leaps and bounds in innovation as well as advancing past the treatment of just the neck and back.

How do I know if a chiropractor is right for me?

If you are like us, you believe choosing someone to guide you through the healing process is a big deal. While most people think all doctors are created equal that is the farthest thing from the truth.

One of the biggest questions we get here at Forever Well Chiropractic in Friendswood, TX is, ‘How do I know if a chiropractor is right for me?’

The good news is, the founders of Forever Well Chiropractic first began as chiropractic consultants. Over the years, they were lucky enough to receive extensive access into many practices throughout the chiropractic industry, thus being able to see a whole spectrum of chiropractic practice.

The overarching theme in chiropractic is that there are two distinctly different philosophies that the chiropractic community and schools follow.

The Two Communities of Chiropractic

The first communitity believes the chiropractor is only a back and neck (spine) doctor and should only perform the types of adjustments performed by the founder of chiropractic, D.D. Palmer did back in 1895. They do not want to focus their care on any other body parts or utilize other modalities aside from a spinal adjustment.

The second community would fall under the category of multiple modality chiropractors. These doctors utilize other instruments and techniques in order to treat their patients. Additionally, they become proficient in adjusting more than just the spine, working on limbs and joints as well.

At Forever Well Chiropractic we believe in whole body chiropractic, which is more aligned with the second group of multiple modality practitioners.



1. Only treats the back and neck, does not further educate on how to treat the limbs and joints.

2. Same adjustment no matter what

3. Treatments 1 -2 1/2 minutes

4. Claim it cures everything

5. Religious-based philosophy

6. Don’t further educate on new science-based medical advancements

7. Offers treatment plan before ever treating patient, thus requiring more visits

8. Limited if not, NO exam with the same course of action taken for every patient

9. Most often, no x-rays taken


1. Treats the whole structure (spine, head, shoulders, elbow, hips, knees, ankles etc)

2. Different adjustment depending on the patient

3. Treatments: 10-20 minutes

4. Trained on various techniques and instruments

5. Science-based philosophy

6. Learning the cutting edge advancements in neuro-musculo-skeletal medicine

7. Provides multiple treatments before coming up with game plan for patient

8. Comprehensive exams that lead to customized diagnoses and treatment plans

9. X-rays required and analyzed for most cases

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