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Reason for Seeking Care: Back Pain

I recently came to Forever Well because of back issues and I was skeptical at first because of my experience with other chiropractors. A few years back I came to a chiropractor referred by someone and they didn’t help me at all on my issues and they were practicing some things that were really out of the ordinary. That kind of aided my decision to just brush it off and have nothing to do with chiropractors. From then I went to Doctors to seek treatment and I got nothing but a bunch of pain pills. So finally I decided to give Forever Well Chiropractic a try due to a great recommendation from a friend that went there.. After a couple of weeks of treatments, therapy, and exercises - started to lose weight and started to notice more flexibility, actually a lot less pain. As I continued with my treatment, in a couple of months I’m completely pain free. Forever Well Chiropractic are for real. I really recommend anyone that has issues just to give them a try and see what you think. For me It’s really done a lot. It has changed my life.

"I came because I was a former patient of Dr. Lessenger but I haven't been in awhile because I have not been in pain. I am in my third trimester of pregnancy and have been experiencing a ton of pain all over. Dr Haywood has helped me to get some major pain relief in those areas, and I would definitely recommend him to any family or friend. What I have enjoyed most is the pain relief but also that I feel no pressure to return more than what I am able to do financially."

- Brittni A.

"What a fantastic experience! As most people I was nervous going to the chiropractor, the pops and crunches scare me. Dr Haywood walked me through the entire process and explained to me what was wrong with me. This whole time I thought it was a bone problem and needed surgery. Turns out I just needed an adjustment, localized massage and something called instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization. A week later I am good as new! Pain free for the first time in ages."

- Alp P.

"I was suffering from severe shin splints for six months. I did one treatment with Dr. Haywood and the pain was almost completely gone. I wish I would have gone in sooner. I highly recommend Dr Haywood and Forever Well Chiropractic."

- Ryan R.

"Forever Well Chiropractic is very professional, the atmosphere is comfortable, and the staff is kind, knowledgeable, and helpful. Dr. Haywood took an assessment in his office and explained everything that he was doing. I enjoyed my visit with Dr. Haywood and his staff. Dr. Haywood takes time to answer all of your questions. Thank you Forever Well Chiropractic!"

- Frances P.

"What I like best about Forever Well Chiropractic is the knowledgeable care from both Dr. Haywood and Juan Prado. It helps me manage my chronic muscular dysfunction and pain. An acute spinal misalignment brought me to this office, and the relief I continue to receive made me a loyal patient. In January, I had a flare up of neck spasms while I was traveling out of state. The spasms persisted for 4 days. I called Forever Well Chiropractic, and Dr. Haywood talked to me by phone and emailed an exercise program. I began improving immediately. I have recommended Dr. Haywood's and Juan's services to family and friends and highly recommend Forever Well Chiropractic."

- Karen R.

"I just visited Forever Well Chiropractic for a shoulder pain that's hasn't been going away, as well as a general adjustment, and it was overall a great experience that I am looking forward to repeat. Check-in at the front was very quick and easy, then Dr. Haywood brought me to his office right away to do an assessment and explain what he would be doing. It was great that he took the time to explain each step along the way and seemed to really care about my well being. Feeling much better already, thanks Dr.! I highly recommend Dr. Haywood and Forever Well Chiropractic."

- Sebastian L.

"I came to see Dr. Haywood because of lack of mobility to my wrist years after surgery. I had serious stiffness due to scar tissue and pretty much gave up on trying to get my range of motion back myself. I am a wight lifter and not being able to flex my wrist back even to do a simple pushup was beating me down physically and mentally. I knew it would take time but at moments I would lose my patience but Dr. Haywood kept me optimistic. After weeks of treatment I've seen very positive results and have gained some dexterity back. I am very happy thus far and plan on continuing treatments as long as I keep seeing results. I know its not much but I'm always greeted with a friendly smile as I walk in and a "have a nice day" on my way out. It just adds to the positive environment at Forever Well."

- Jon C.

"I came to see Dr. Haywood, because I had pretty severe sciatic pain on my right side. I couldn’t sit for long periods of time, I couldn’t travel, I couldn’t sleep and that was the worse thing. Sciatica affects every little thing of your life and Dr. Haywood has been life changing.

Before I came, I saw two surgeons, an orthopedic, and a neurosurgeon, they said I was not a candidate for surgery because I have significant scoliosis. I had seen another chiropractor for years, but I just felt it was stagnate and it wasn’t helping me anymore. So I decided to give Foreverwell Chiropractic a try.

Dr. Haywood’s initial examination was much more extensive than any of the surgeons or any of the doctors I had ever gone to. He went over my x-ray and explained everything step by step, which nobody has ever done before.

He is very caring, really cares about your treatment.That to me is a big thing. I didn’t know my sciatica would be absolutely gone and I haven’t had any issues with it so that’s big for me. I completely believe in his treatment, I’m just really happy I came here."

- Jill D.






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