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Knee Pain Demystified

Knee Pain Demystified

Chiropractic Friendswood TX Knee Pain

Knee pain is a commonly occurring condition that effects approximately 25% of people who experience pain in Friendswood. Knee pain can be severely debilitating, impacting function and mobility of the joint and affect activities of daily life.

Pain in the knees can have many symptoms that can include:

  • Burning Pain
  • Stabbing Pain
  • Pain that Throbs
  • Dull and Aching Pain

Knee pain can also arise from many conditions such as:

  • Degenerative Joint disease
  • Autoimmune Disease
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Injury

Packing a Powerful...Kick?

The knee is classified as a hinge joint, like the elbow. Imagine the hinge on a door and how the door swings two ways - in and out. The joint in the knee is specially designed to accommodate walking, running, crawling, kneeling, squatting, and jumping.

Several muscles are attached to and around the knee such as:

  • Hamstring, a group of 3 muscles located on the back on the thigh
  • Gastrocnemius, also known as the calf muscle
  • Quadriceps, a group of 4 large muscles located on the front of the thigh

Other muscles are also attached to the knee to perform other functions, such as stabilization and a tiny bit of rotation when the knee is bent - that's why we're able to sit with out legs crossed. Other ligaments surrounding the knee hold the joint firm in place.

What you Should Know about Knee Pain

If we look at the Quadriceps muscle on the front of the thigh, it has four muscles that not only create the shape of the thigh but is also responsible for very strong or explosive actions such as running and jumping.

These four muscles come together and create a tendon just above the knee. It cross over the knee and attaches to the front of the shin. This is called the Patellar Tendon because the patella, or knee cap, grows inside this tendon and allows us to comfortable stand on our knees without injury.

Overuse or prolonged stress caused by postural dysfunction in the ankle, knees, and hips can cause a condition called Patellar Tendinitis. Patellar Tendinitis is inflammation in the patellar tendon that may cause symptoms including:

  • Pain in the Front of the Knee over the tendon
  • Pain made worse with jumping, landing or running activity and sometimes with prolonged sitting
  • Tenderness or pain over the patella tendon that does not radiate
  • Stiffness or decreased movement first thing in the morning
  • Thickness in the tendon on the front of the Knee or Swelling of the Tendon
  • Kneed Help? Try Chiropractic Treatment

A Chiropractor has a hefty bag of tools. In addition to manual manipulations that can help improve joint quality and correct misalignmnets in the posture that can contribute to conditions such as patellar tendinitis; a chiropractor may also use modalities including:

  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation
  • Myofascial Release
  • Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization
  • Therapeutic Exercise
  • Hot and Cold Therapies

If you're suffering from Patellar Tendinitis, Dr. Haywood and Forever Well Chiropractic in Friendswood, TX is available to answer your questions about your condition and what kind of treatment options are available to best suit your personal needs.

As everyone is different, every treatment is specifically designed for each person as an individual. We invite you to come in for a consultation to discuss how Chiropractic treatments can help you.

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