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Neck Pain? TOP 3 exercises to get rid of your pain. Part 3 of 3

Neck Pain? TOP 3 exercises to get rid of your pain. Part 3 of 3

Chiropractic Friendswood TX Neck Pain

I think we would all agree that it’s better to fix a problem than to just stick a band-aid on it and get temporary relief. When you rely only on stretching the muscles, that's half the solution. While some muscles become shortened from tightness and need to be stretched, others become elongated from overuse and no longer have the stability needed to function properly. The following exercises by your Friendswood Chiropractor are designed to bring some much needed stability to the mid-back, neck and shoulders. Today were are going to be talking about how to reduce your neck pain caused by Upper Crossed Syndrome (UCS), but first, lets review what we talked about in parts 1 and 2 of this series.

In Part 1 of this series, we explained what UCS is and how it is the result of muscle imbalance and how it leads to poor posture and pain.

  • Tight Pectoral (chest) muscles
  • Tight Upper trapezius and Levator Scapula (neck and shoulder) muscles
  • Weak/Inhibited Rhomboid (Mid back) and Neck Flexor muscles

In Part 2 of this series, we dove in a little more into three main stretches that can be used to relax the tight muscles and begin to provide some relief from neck pain caused by UCS.

  • Seated Upper Trapezius Stretch
  • Seated Levator Scapula Stretch
  • Doorway Pectoral Stretch

In Part 3 we will be addressing the muscles that are weak. The main muscle weakness occurs in the Rhomboid and Lower Trapezius (mid back) muscles. These muscles when strong enough, counteract tight chest muscles and allow for your shoulder to pull back slightly and lead to a better overall posture.

Exercises to fix Neck pain

Here we will be demonstrating 3 of the main exercises to promote strength of your mid back to lead to improved posture and decreased neck pain. All of the following exercises may be performed on a bench or an exercise ball.

I's - Target Lower Trapezius

Dr. Haywood I Stretch

Make sure to pull your shoulders back and down towards the same side pocket, face the thumbs up and with the arms in a lowered starting position pull them straight up like in the photo.

Y's - Target Lower Trapezius

Dr. Haywood Y Stretch

Once you have pulled your shoulders back and faced your thumbs up pull the arms back in a 45 degree angle like your trying to get the corner of the shoulder blade to the opposite side pocket.

T's - Target Rhomboids

Dr. Haywood T Stretch

Head here looking straight down arms all the way to the side, arms up and squeeze the shoulder blades together. Because they are small muscles there is going to be a pretty good burn.

When you’re just starting out I would go with 2 sets of 10 and move up from there to 3 sets of 10 then 3 sets of 15. When that becomes easy, feel free to add on light weight 1-3 lbs. You’ll find that even with light weight multiple reps become quite challenging. For more information and video tutorials of these exercises check out the video attached and be sure to join our growing facebook community to stay up to date on special offers and more helpful blog posts.

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