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Neck pain? Your posture could be to blame. Part 1 of 3

Neck pain? Your posture could be to blame. Part 1 of 3

Chiropractic Friendswood TX Neck pain at work

Most often when a patient presents with neck pain in Friendswood, the pain is initally due to muscle imbalance which then leads to abnormal posture and eventually pain. This abnormal posture is referred to as upper crossed syndrome (UCS).

UCS is characterized by a combination of tight and weak muscles that lead to poor posture and predispose the body to neck pain.

Firstly, tight pectoral (chest) muscles contribute to this condition by pulling the shoulder down and forward. Normally, this is prevented by the Rhomboid (back) and Serratus Anterior (shoulder/back) muscle, but in this instance these muscles are weak and are unable to prevent the pectoral muscles from pulling the shoulder forward.

Combine this with tight muscles in the back of your neck and you have a situation that causes compression of the joints in the back of the neck, which leads to tightness, discomfort, and eventually pain.

For more informantion on how to decrease neck pain from UCS, check back soon for strategies on how to stretch and strengthen these muscles to improve your posture and decrease you neck pain.

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