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One Simple, Commonly Overlooked Reason for Headaches and Fatigue

One Simple, Commonly Overlooked Reason for Headaches and Fatigue

Chiropractic Friendswood TX Headaches and fatigue

We sang it as children, "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes - Knees and Toes". This simple rhyme to help us identify our body parts actually has a much deeper meaning. From the tips of our toes to the top of our heads we are all connected by joints and the health of our movement is dependent on how these joints stack up.

Alignment of the Feet and Knees can effect the alignment of the Hips, Low Back, Shoulders, and Neck. Properly aligned feet and ankles should face forward. This alignment influences how the shin bone, or Tibia, sits on the thigh bone - the femur due to the calf muscle known as Gastroc.

Gastroc has 3 points of connection; one at the base of the heel and two, one on each side above the knee. Because this muscle crosses two joints, it performs actions for these two joints. If one side of gastroc is too tight, it can shift the position of the tibia and the femur at the knee. This shift may turn the feet as we walk.

Misaligned feet may also be an indicator of over active or weak muscles in the buttocks, known as Gluts, or inner thigh. If fact, the muscles of the thigh can influence the hips, or pelvis, in many directions. If the thigh muscles (quadriceps) are too tight, it can cause the hips to rotate forward. Tight Hamstrings, the muscles in the back, can rotate the hips backward. If the Glut muscles are over active, or too tight, it can turn out the hip and bring the feet out of proper alignment.

Shifts in the rotation of the hips will effect the way the vertebra of the Low Back sits on top of the Sacrum. The sacrum is a section of fused vertebrae that extends into the tail bone. The two wings of the hips attach to this section of vertebrae and makes a connection, called the sacroiliac joint known as the SI Joint.

If improper alignment continues, it creates stress on the individual segments of the vertebra of the spine. Misalignment of the vertebra has the potential to cause a host of problems by irritating or compressing spinal nerves, preventing body systems from functioning properly. Muscles of the torso become increasingly weaker due to declining postural alignment.

As this process continues into the shoulders and neck, often characterized by a hunched posture with the palms facing the rear of the body, other symptoms may occur such as feeling tired, headaches, sleep problems, and widespread chronic pain.

The great news is that chiropractic care can help restore misalignments in the body and help restore the body to wellness. A chiropractor can effectively spot postural misalignment from the head to the toes and is able to address these issues through treating weak muscles with therapeutic exercise, myofascial release for over active muscles, and correcting spinal misalignment through chiropractic manipulation.

How do you stack?

At Forever Well Chiropractic in Friendswood, we can help with postural misalignments. Dr. Haywood uses methods such as chiropractic adjustments, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization or IASTM, myofascial release, therapeutic exercise and may also focus on nutritional needs that will not only strengthen the body but also release contracted muscles, adhesions, and realign the vertebrae to maximize results.

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