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“pop” your own neck?

"pop" your own neck?

Chiropractic Friendswood TX Self Neck Adjustment

I would like to address a question that gets asked frequently in the Forever Well Chiropractic Whole Body Wellness Center office. A patient comes in and says, "my neck gets tight occasionally, so I POP IT and it feels better. That's not bad right"? The answer is, while it might feel better when you do that. That strategy does not actually focus on the cause of your discomfort. Let me explain.

When you go in to see your Chiropractor, they perform an evaluation of your joints and determine which joints are specifically restricted. They then apply an adjustment to the restricted area using a specific amount of force and a particular angle of force delivery in order to restore proper range of motion to the "stuck" joints. This leads to overall improved range of motion, and facilitates optimized function of that body region.

Now on the other hand, when someone "self-adjusts" because it "feels good" the adjustment is not specific, in fact it is very general. This "general adjustment", only targets the joints that are easily willing to move and are already moving freely, while missing the specific joints that are restricted and actually need the adjustment. These joints are willing to move more easily because they are attempting to compensate for the lack of movement in the problem joints. Repeated practice of this "general adjustment" overtime can lead to hypermobility of the joints that are already feely moving, and prolong or even increase the hypomobility of the joints that remain restricted due to the lack of specificity of the "general adjustment".

So just remember, while it might feel good to "Pop" your own neck or back. It's a better idea for your adjustment to be specific rather than general. That way you get to feel good, and the actual problem gets addressed.

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