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What You May Not Know About Shoulder Pain

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Chiropractic Friendswood TX Shoulder Pain

The Shoulder is a complicated joint, having the most movement of any joint in the body, and is the most susceptible to injury. Approximately nine percent of Americans suffer from shoulder pain at some time in their life.

Shoulder pain can be debilitating to daily activities, depending on the severity. Joint stiffness, pain, and limited movement in the shoulder can restrict activities from bathing to driving a car.

Shoulder Impingement is a condition that involves a small joint where the shoulder blade and the collar bone meet, at the top of the shoulder. This joint is called the acromioclavicular joint. Tendons of the rotator cuff muscles pass through a small channel in between this joint. Over use, inflammation, or poor posture can cause decreased space through this channel causing pain or decrease in movement.

Symptoms of shoulder impingement may include:

  • Pain when reaching over head
  • Pain in the front of the shoulder that may be sharp
  • Pain when reaching behind the body
  • Pain or weakness in the muscles of the shoulder

If left untreated, shoulder impingement can progress into a much more complicated condition such as:

  • Bony growths around the shoulder joint
  • Tendonitis
  • Inflammation of the bursa - a fluid filled sac that protects surrounding tissue
  • Injury to the tendons of the rotator cuff muscles
  • Decrease in the ability to move the shoulder

Seeking help early when experiencing shoulder pain is crucial in prevention of further complications. A Chiropractic doctor can identify the underlying causes of shoulder pain and use multiple modalities. An article published by the National Institute of Health titled "Manipulative Assessment and Treatment of the Shoulder Complex" indicated:

"Following the use of a proposed joint dysfunction isolation test, thrusting forms of manual adjusting procedures, electrical modalities and soft tissue therapy were applied. Three cases representing different common shoulder problems responded favorably to treatment."

"There is the need for a non-surgical, conservative approach to treatment of shoulder problems before considering the more aggressive treatment approaches that carry greater iatrogenic risks. The patients’ signs and symptoms responded to a unique method of evaluation and manipulative therapy when other approaches had failed."

In conjunction with chiropractic joint manipulation, Treatments such as MyoFascial Release, electrical stimulation, heat/cold therapies, and therapeutic exercise are performed to reduce inflammation, increase movement, strengthen the muscles of the shoulder, and obtain freedom of movement without pain.

If you're currently experiencing shoulder pain, don't wait. Remember, pain is your body's way of telling you something is wrong. Forever Well Chiropractic in Friendswood, TX invites you to a consultation with Dr. Haywood to discuss your concerns and discuss how Chiropractic may help you.

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